Counseling & Support

Emerge is in your corner!

Young adults face challenges as they approach adulthood; the goal to live independently materializes and asserts itself with the support of this program. It’s natural for a young adult to want to branch out on their own, to leave the nest so-to-speak.

Although most youth that have families to help them in the struggle to achieve this goal of self-reliance, youth transitioning out of foster care face formidable challenges the average young person doesn’t have to. With our support, we believe we can help young men and women being emancipated from foster care and give them the tools they need to be successful and self-reliant.

Our counseling is designed to help these young adults learn healthy behaviors, manage their emotional and mental well-being and deal with life’s frustrations in a way that is positive. Our counseling and support services are in house. They are available alongside our mentoring programs and job training and housing programs.

Even if it’s something as simple as someone needing to vent or needing a sympathetic ear to hear them out, we want the young people in this program to know they will always have someone available.

No matter what the issue, Emerge is in your corner!

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Counseling & Support